Anchor Family Services is a highly established Foster Care and Adoption Agency dedicated to placing children in the care of well-trained, supportive foster parents who can provide a home of experience & love.

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Becoming a Foster or Adoptive parent through our agency.

We know that important part of your foster/adoptive care journey is picking the right agency for you. Your agency should be one that feels like a collaborative and supportive team. It is our commitment and goal to be a partner alongside you in this quest.

Although we are so excited to have a conversation with you right away, we know you have unanswered questions in who we are, how we do things or maybe even about the foster care and adoption world in general. On this single page, we’ve done our best to answer the majority of basic and common questions you may have.

So spend some time here, jot down your questions, apply to become a parent and let’s talk about providing a home with Anchor Family Services, Inc. Let the journey start now.


Becoming a Foster Parent through our agency.

We know that important part of your foster/adoptive care journey is picking the right agency for you. Your agency should be one that feels like a collaborative and supportive team. It is our commitment and goal to be a partner alongside you in this quest.

Although we are so excited to have a conversation with you right away, we know you have unanswered questions in who we are, how we do things or maybe even about the foster care and adoption world in general. On this single page, we’ve done our best to answer the majority of basic and common questions you may have.

So spend some time here, jot down your questions, apply to become a parent and let’s talk about providing a home with Anchor Family Services, Inc. Let the journey start now.

What you need to know
about the children in care


The number one goal for children that come into care is safety. Not just physical safety but also, emotional and mental safety. They need a safe place to be in all aspects of their lives. We are looking for families that are willing to provide not only a safe place to exist but a safe place to voice their fears, dreams, thoughts, and all that they are.


More often than not, the families these children come from are not able to support their child’s needs. That’s why they need you – a new family extension. We need families willing to provide a loving, stable environment whether that is for a couple of weeks or forever.


Due to their circumstances and environment, many children come into care developmentally behind in some areas. We need families to assist children in developing skills, such as social, emotional, educational, and physical abilities. Families will have access to resources to assist them.


There is a reason there is the saying “it takes a village.” We want children to be a part of a community. This takes place in many forms from recreation, school activities, church function, and neighborhood involvement. Children can thrive by also being a part of the community they previously knew and existed in.

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How to become a parent

Process to become a Foster and/or Adoption Parent through our agency.



We gather basic information to tailor the foster care/adoption process to you and your family. This allows us to see if you are a good fit to collaborate in providing safe homes for children moving forward.



After you apply to become a parent, we will reach out to you for an interview. We will review answers on your application, discuss topics regarding your family’s situation, answer any questions you may have and set up a game plan for the next steps.


Background Check

Everyone 14 years age and above living in your household must have a background check completed. We will give access to a personal, secured portal to complete this step. Most people will be required to complete FBI fingerprints. You will not be able to move forward without clearance from the state.



Available in your client portal, you will be able to complete all the documents and information required to become a foster home or adoptive home. You will be required to submit important, extensive documents to develop a home study. We will ensure that this information is secure and private.


In Person Training

You will be required to attend pre service training.The pre service training is around 35 hours total. Right now we are trying a different format of training days and times. When you speak to our staff at AFS, please discuss when the next training cohort starts for dates and times. Once you join a cohort you must be able to attend all the training sessions with that group as the trainings build on one another. The training focuses on being trauma informed and how to parent a child that has experienced trauma, loss, and grief.


Online Training

This training can be completed at your own pace. Each caregiver will need to have their own training certificate with their own name on it. This training reviews the technical aspects of being a foster/adoptive parent (what is allowed, timelines, documents, rules that apply to being a foster parent, etc).


Home Study

A home study writer will come to your home to do a walk through inspection and interviews. The home study writer will provide professional recommendations of whether a family should be licensed, if there are any concerns, how many children you should be licensed for, what level of care you will need to provide, etc. The recommendation will be based on your paperwork, interview and inspection.


You’re Licensed!

Welcome to the Anchor Family! We begin looking for the child(ren) whose needs you can help. This process can be long or short depending on a number of aspects (number of kids, ages and level of care for the child you are licensed for, etc). However, we are looking hard and rooting for your family.


Real Reviews from Anchor’s previous clients.

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Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio


A Foster Care and Adoption Agency built by foster / adoption parents

After no longer being able to ignore the strong call of becoming foster parents, Amanda and Milton Timoteo took their journey in becoming foster parents in 2009 — one of the greatest journey’s of their lives. In a few short years (2012), they had the amazing blessing of adopting their forever family. They hold the honor of providing for their children as a privilege and feel the same strong calling to provide the opportunity to other families interested in extending their homes and family.

In 2016, they started the process of opening Anchor Family Services with a unique insight of having experienced it all first-hand. They have taken their personal journey, expert degrees and studious knowledge to understand the needs of the children in care and build the highest quality placement agency in the state of Texas.


“We celebrate right alongside you every step of this process. You will never be alone in our quality of care. We cheer for you, mourn with you, pray for you, and root for you every single day. It is an honor to be apart of your story and the children’s story!


Anchor Family Services brings opportunity to stable families who can provide an anchor of support to children in care by providing strong training and education, personalized support, and teamwork to provide a loving and safe environment.


We aspire to spread awareness of the needs of children in foster care and to support the families that provide an anchor to their lives while unceasingly looking for their forever safe home.

We Communicate.

We believe in transparent, honest communication to serve our client families best. We will make sure that you understand every part of this journey before, during and after. There will be limitless opportunities to receive support directly from our teams and the community.

We Serve.

For all of us, this goes beyond a job. Our team and yourself are in service of these children and everything they aspire to become. Anchor is committed to the service and availability of the children and their families. Thank you for joining us and serving these amazing kids.

We Provide.

Our goal is to provide quality support for our families in every moment of the process. We will completely prepare you for the journey ahead. Through quality training, communication and 1:1 support, we are confident in providing you unlimited resources to assist the children in care.

We Guide.

We will prioritize availability to our Anchor families. It is important to us that you feel prepared with the best practices and highest standards in the forefront of your mind. We work to develop and provide new resources about our industry.



There is more to the requirements of becoming a foster parent than can be listed because everyone’s circumstances are different.  It is important to fill out the “becoming a foster/adoptive parent” link with the most accurate information so that one of AFS workers can address any issues that might arise.  However, some of the general minimum standard requirements are as follows:

  • Over 21
  • Single, divorced, married, or widowed
  • No major life changes or challenges within the past year
  • Financially stable
  • Background checks including electronic fingerprinting
  • Pre-service training
  • Documentation to meet minimum standards and policies
  • Inspections (fire and health)
  • TB test for all members of the home
  • Adequate space
  • Positive home study
  • No physical discipline

CPS-Child Protective Services

DFPS-Department of Family Protective Services

HHSC-Health and Human Service Commission

AFS-Anchor Family Services, Inc

A bedroom must have at least 40 square feet of space for each occupant and no more than four occupants per bedroom are permitted, even if the square footage of the room would accommodate more than four occupants. Single occupant bedrooms must have at least 80 square feet of floor space. The floor space requirement must not include closets or other alcoves. Floor space must be space that children can use for daily activities. All bedrooms that a foster/adoptive child sleeps in must have a window.

You must be able to pay your own bills and not have a deficit every month after bills are paid. You must be able to provide for the child(ren) placed in your home until the monthly reimbursement starts to get paid. Reimbursements take about a month and half before they start to pay. Many children only come with the belongings on them and you will need to provide them with basic necessities when they arrive in your home. There are resources available to our foster/adoptive families. However, families must be able to meet the child(ren)s basic needs.

This question depends entirely on you.  We work as quickly as you do.  However, on average it usually takes 4-5 months.  Some families take longer because “Hey life happens!”. However, we try to keep you motivated and working towards your goals.  Our client portal will help you see where you at and how much farther you have in the process.  However, we do need you to complete the process a year from the date of your last in person class or you have to start to the in-person classes again.  

We honestly don’t know the answer to this one.  The background check unit with the state is the one that determines who needs fingerprints and they have never provided an explanation. Most people in this process will need fingerprints even if their employment has certain clearances or they have had fingerprints before.  Our best advice is just to prepare to have fingerprints.  Fingerprints are usually around $40.  

The first thing you will need to do is talk to one of our AFS staff.  From that conversation they will be able to determine the best course of action.  We will need you to complete a release of information form and a transfer form. These two forms allow us to request documentation from your current agency.  There will be some forms you have to complete with our agency with our company logo as well some additional trainings.  We determine some of this information during our conversation.

We absolutely do! We are grateful to any person or family that is willing to provide a loving stable and safe home to a child in need.

A home study is a paper about your family.  The home study writer will come out to conduct individual as well as group interviews with the family.  They will also complete a walk-through of your home.  In our client portal, we have a fire, health, and safety guide in the resource section.  This is exactly what your home study writer will walk through and look for in and outside the home.  After the home study writer comes out, they will type up a document of all the information they have gathered from the walk through, interviews, and paperwork you have turned in.  They will advise whether they feel your family is a recommended to become a foster/adoptive home or not.

This all depends on the family and the home study writer.  Bigger families require more information and interviews, which would take more time. Some of our home study writers like to contact the interviews via online platform and other like to conduct in the house.  You can expect anywhere from 1-2 visits with the home study writer being there between 4-5 hours.

We request our home study writers to turn the home study in 2 weeks after they have done the walk through and interviews. Once they turn it in there is a review period of about a week. From there, we will set up a time to complete Orientation and Documentation.  That is the final training! If all goes well, you are licensed!!

We do license home for adopt only.  We do recommend that our families become licensed for foster to adopt so that we have all of our basis covered if you have a child you want to welcome into your home who is not up for adoption yet.  We recommend the foster to adopt license because it will streamline the process should you ever want to foster.  Matched adoptions can take some time.  There are times matched adoption families are waiting a year or more.  However, please know that even if you are foster to adopt but really want to only adopt, Anchor Family Services always keeps that in mind and will never force you to take a child into your home.

We 100% support your decision and right to decide what is best for your family. Please remember that matched adoptions can take up to a year or more to find the child(ren) that you are a good fit for.

We 100% support your decision and right to decide what is best for your family. We understand that many families just want to be a foster family only.

AFS does not do private adoptions.  AFS only does adoptions through children in DFPS conservatorship.

Every case and child is different. When a child is removed from their family, their family is given anywhere from a 1 to 1 ½ years to work services. During that time the child is in a foster home. However, during that time CPS will be looking for family members or fictive kin of the child to place the child with.  If the bio family member(s) or fictive kin can pass their background check and home study, the child will most likely be moved to that home. 

The process is not different for kinship caregivers that want to become a foster/adoptive parent.  Whether you are a kinship caregiver or a person that is just interested in becoming a foster parent, the process is the same. However, the benefits of a foster/adoptive home is different than kinship caregivers. One of the differences is that you are related to the child placed with you and we will not be looking to necessarily place other children with you since you already have the child in your care. Another difference between kinship and foster/adoptive caregivers is the monthly reimbursements.  Foster parents receive a higher rate of reimbursement as well as access to more services.  However, once a kinship caregiver becomes a licensed foster/adoptive home there will be more rules, standards, and paperwork to adhere to.

Yes, we do! However, once you approach adoption you will need to discuss how you want to proceed in the adoption process. Unmarried couples will either need to get married, only have one of the parents adopt through DFPS, or obtain a legal document proving the legal link between the couple before the adoption can be finalized.

Yes, we do!  Single individuals are some of our biggest rockstars in the foster/adopt world.

Yes, we do.  Any animal that is considered a pet in the home will have to show they are not aggressive and be up to date on their shots. We do not consider farm animals to be pets.

Pets cannot be aggressive towards children and must be up to date on their shots.

Yes, you can have other household members in your home that do not have to become foster parents as long as they are not your significant other. If a person is married or living with a significant other then both people must become foster or adoptive parents. Any person(s) living in the home that are over the age 14 will need to submit to a background check.

Both are allowed but you must follow certain guidelines.  Please see the safety guidelines in your resource section of the client portal.  You can also access the requirements on the DFPS website in the HHSC Child Placing Agency minimum standards starting at 749.3133

Every family that becomes licensed with AFS is required to have one babysitter approved prior to becoming licensed.  All babysitters just complete the babysitter form, have CPR/First Aid, complete medication administration and SIDS training, sign Confidentiality and Discipline agreements.  Babysitters that are age 18 to 20 will be required to obtain a personal reference.  They will also only be approved to watch the child for a set number of hours.  Babysitters 21+ will be considered for longer babysitting based on their childcare experience.  A babysitter is not considered an everyday childcare provider.  If you are wanting someone to watch your child every day this will need to be discussed with AFS to see what steps would need to be followed. Babysitters are infrequent caregivers.

Please know that sometimes the child(ren) on the TARE website are already in the process of being selected to be matched with another family but have not been removed from the website because the process is not completed.  Also, if you are not fully licensed the case worker for the child will not contact you or our agency.  Please do not get licensed for just one child you see on TARE as many times those children are already matched by the time you become licensed.

The one thing we have seen from this process is that most children in the caregiver’s home handle this process well.  However, the best way to prepare a child is having multiple age-appropriate conversations with your children about why you are fostering/adopting.  Children are compassionate and want to help other children.  Yes, there are times they become attached too and might experience sadness. However, most children report this as a positive experience and enjoy their new friends they have in their home.

We recommend that you attend a foster care and adoption information meeting. This is not a requirement but it does make that first conversation to be able to address many of your questions regarding this process.  These meetings are online. It is a great way to know how kids come into care, how they come to be placed in your home, some of the benefits of children in care, and the statistics of children coming into care.  There is a lot to learn in the foster care/adoption world and these meetings help answer a lot of those questions. Please check out the dfps website to see when the next information meeting is:

Yes,  if you have lived out of state in the last five years you will need to contact AFTER  your background check is ran and you have received a notice from the background check unit. You will need to send the email immediately after your background check is ran with the background check unit.  The background check unit will guide you on how to go about requesting your out of state background check. Some states allow you as an individual to request the background check and other states require the agency to request the background check.


We ask that you do not sign up for a training group unless you can make every training.  We know that illness can happen, and we can work to accommodate that situation but it would be hard to accommodate every person schedule and would make the trainings not fluid. Each training builds on the next and it can be hard to miss the information. We know giving up 4 Saturdays can be hard, but we promise these trainings are full of information that is valuable.  We strive to make the enjoyable and dare we say fun!

If you are both CPR and First Aid certified for pediatrics all the way to adults and your training was not solely online, you do not have to take the class again until it expires.

After you are licensed, you will have yearly training requirements to complete throughout the year.  Many of them will be the online trainings you completed to become licensed.  Others will be to make sure that you are receiving the most up to date information to help you be the best foster/adopt parent.  For families that are providing childcare services only 10 hours is required for both foster/adopt parents.  For therapeutic/treatment foster/adoptive homes 25 hours is required for each foster/adopt parent.  There will also be times that DFPS and HHSC will implement trainings that have to be completed throughout the year. Training is a big part of this journey.


Foster parents only will receive monthly reimbursements for the care provided to children in their home.  Adoptive homes that only take adoptive placements do not receive monthly reimbursements. The reimbursements start on the day the child is placed in your home and paid monthly.  However, these reimbursements can take a month half to be paid.  For example, if a child is placed with you on the 5th of the month.  The payment will not be paid until the 15th through 20th of the following month.  The reimbursement is also based on the level of care (LOC) the child is leveled. In AFS we are licensed for basic, moderate, and specialized LOC. All new foster homes will only be licensed for basic or moderate LOC.

This varies based on your what ethnicity, age, number of children, and gender you are open to have in your home.  The more restricted in those categories the longer it takes.  Matched adoption also takes longer. However, the important thing to know is we are always looking for the child that you are the right fit for because it means one more child in a home.

Yes of course and it is encouraged.  Nothing makes a child feel like they are not part of the family than to be left behind while everyone else goes on the family vacation. Children in CPS care cannot leave the country.  You will also need to submit the request to the court at least 2 weeks prior to the travel. However, we recommended to submit as soon as you know you are going to travel.  The court is the one that makes the final approval, but AFS and CPS will need to know as well. 

We will never force you to take a placement.  We want a good placement for all and when the placement is forced it is not starting off on the right foot.  There might be times we call you because we feel that even though the child is outside of the perimeters you have, we feel it is still a good option.  You always have the option to say no.


Many of the adoptions through DFPS qualify for assistance with adoption cost.  Most children over the age of six, a minority, or part of a sibling group will qualify for assistance with adoption cost.  Those that do not are usually around $1500-$3000 depending on which attorney you use for the adoption.

The cost of becoming a foster/adoptive parent is minimal. You are required to pay for your fingerprinting which is around $40.  You are also required to pay for your CPR/First Aid class. The cost of that class varies but should be no more than $80.  Also, any modifications such as locked storage boxes, supplies for the potential children, or improvements to your home is the responsibility of the foster/adoptive parent.

We do not charge for a home study for anyone that works towards becoming a licensed foster/adoptive parent with AFS.

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